We know that there are some really diehard animal lovers here in the Pine Tree State.

But, can loving animals too much cause a problem for a whole city?

Some Maine residents are saying "yes."

According to WGME 13, a woman in the city of Old Town is being sued (by the city) for what they say is her exacerbation of an ongoing rat infestation in town.

The news station goes on to explain that Joann Gilbert of Old Town is an avid animal lover who likes to keep a cracked-corn-filled wooden planter box in the front yard of her home. She reportedly started doing this a couple of years ago after she had noticed a deer with a broken leg was in her area.

The problem now, according to city officials, is that her corn feeder is causing the rat crisis, which escalated during the COVID era, to get worse.

The city of Old Town is claiming that Gilbert's home and property are a feeding ground for area rats, according to WGME, and the city, which typically pays around $20,000 a year on rat pest services, says that it's becoming a major problem.

When Gilbert was asked about the problem, she said that there are no rats on her property and that she suspects the city is 'using her as a scapegoat' to pin the blame of the rat problem on her, according to the news station.

WGME reported that city officials say that they want the court to find that Joann is violating a city ordinance and have her remove the feeder at once. Old Town would also like the Gilberts to pay a per-day fine.

The news station couldn't determine the exact amount the city was seeking but said that the maximum fine couldn't exceed $5,000.

WGME reported that Joann Gilbert has been cited with violations in the past.

We will learn more following a hearing that is scheduled for mid-November.

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