Three people are accused of stealing a puppy from a car, and pet supplies from Walmart.

Three People Were Allegedly Involved in the Theft

The suspects have been identified as:

  • Jasmine Gauthier, 22, of Fryeburg
  • Jordan Burnell, 23, of Ellsworth
  • Marietta Lawson, 70, of Ellsworth

The three were arrested after being spotted at Walmart in Ellsworth.

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A Post on Social Media and Some Stolen Pet Supplies Led to Their Arrest

The story is every dog owner's nightmare but also shows the power of social media. The dog's owner said she left the pup for a few minutes alone in her vehicle in a parking lot on Water Street in Ellsworth. The engine and air-conditioning were running and the doors were locked, so she thought the long-haired dachshund puppy was secure. When she returned to the car, the dog was gone.

Ellsworth Police told WGME-TV that they're not sure how the thieves got into the vehicle because there was no damage done. Officials speculate that the dog may have stepped on the 'unlock' button after the owner walked away.

The owner posted information about a dog-napping on Facebook which, ultimately got her pup back. People shopping in Walmart noticed the trio walking around with the puppy and called the police. The three people allegedly also stole pet supplies, including a bowl, a dog bed, and other items, from Walmart as they carried the stolen dog with them.

This Story Has a Happy Ending

Police say the suspects have been charged with the burglary of a motor vehicle and theft. Officials say the theft of the dog is considered a felony because its estimated value is $2,500.

The great news in this story is that the puppy and owner have been reunited.

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