A proposed Maine law would allow senior hunters have a subpermittee hunt deer on their behalf.

A proposal aims to increase deer harvests for senior hunters. LD 90An Act to Allow Persons 70 Years of Age or Older to Use a Subpermittee to Harvest Deer, was presented by Representative Tiffany Strout (R) of Harrington. If passed, a hunter could apply for a permit which designates a subpermittee to hunt deer for the permittee.

The summery of the bill reads:

This bill authorizes a licensed hunter 70 years of age or older to apply for a permit allowing the designation of a subpermittee to harvest deer on the permittee’s behalf. Acting as a designated subpermittee does not limit the subpermittee’s ability to hunt deer pursuant to the subpermittee's own license.

Being a subpermittee named on the permit would not effect their season bag limit on deer. Both the permitee and subpermittee must have a valid Maine big game hunting license. A $1 application fee would be required when applying.

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In the writing of the bill is an emergency clause, meaning it would take effect upon approval. If passed by the legislature, the law would be in effect for the 2023 deer season.

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