Top 8!! Julia's amazing journey continues

The State of Maine is beaming with pride today, as our owm Julia Gagnon has leaped into the Top 8 of the competition, on American Idol.

Viewers all across the nation voted 21 million times during the two-hour episode, which featured guest mentor Shania Twain, who offered some guidance to Julia, when the theme of the night was a song choice from the year of her birth.

With her performace of the Bryan Adams song, "Here I Am" she not only brought the house down yet again, but she punched her ticket into the Top 8.

Her ever growing legion of fans had plenty to say about this show-stopping performance!


She has the most polished and professional voice of all the remaining women.


She easily has the most dynamic voice in this competition.


in rocker mode. She was bringing the fierceness, emotion, sounding solid, wailing away on those high notes. One of her more connected, seamless offerings. Good dynamic changes, interesting. Solid ending!


I hope she wins. Such an extraordinary voice.


This was Julia's best performance from her so far. Perfect song for her. She really knows what songs works for her and what doesn't. She's smart choosing a country rock type of song.

Next up, each of these contestants will perform tonight, in the “Judges’ Song Contest” episode. American Idol airs at 8pm, on ABC 7. You can stream it Tuesday morning on Hulu.

Julia has touched thousands of people with her journey to Idol. She is from Cumberland, she is a senior at the University of Southern Maine, and recently found her birth mother in Guatemala, and her dream is to win the whole thing, to make her mom & family proud!

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