Julia's amazing run continues!

Everyone in the State of Maine, is glued to the televison every Sunday & Monday night, as we all watch this incredible journey that Maine's own, Julia Gagnon is on, as once again, she advances, this time into the Top 7.

Last night, each of the contestants performed in the “Judges Song Contest” episode. The song picked for Julia, was the classic "Over The Rainbow", and naturally, she delivered it with a powerhouse vocal performance.

Julia's fans were blown away by her rendition


Julia, you can make a room go silent with your vocal talent That was the best version I've ever heard of that song, hands down! You're so talented and magical.


Absolutely Amazing!!! I am just so in love with her voice and the way she sang and performed this song was off the charts! I love this song and the way she sang it is stellar and should definitely be recorded. Great job!!


Best of the remaining women, I think. And that was a beautiful arrangement!


I'm Crying. This was very unique and beautiful. Julia Gagnon is the most underrated singer this year for sure!


Reminds me a little of Barbara Streisand voice. She should do one of her songs

Julia has touched thousands of people with her journey to Idol. She is from Cumberland, she is a senior at the University of Southern Maine, and recently found her birth mother in Guatemala, and her dream is to win the whole thing, to make her mom & family proud!

Find out what is next for Julia, when American Idol airs Sunday & Monday nights at 8pm, on ABC 7 in Bangor. Each episode streams the following day on Hulu.

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