Update as of 5/21/2024

Bangor Police say have an update on an alleged stabbing that took place last Wednesday afternoon on Union Street by the Airport Mall.

They had been asking for the public's help identifying and locating the car a suspect in the case used to leave the scene of the crime.

According to Bangor Police Public Information Officer, Jason McAmbley, they've located the vehicle.

"We are no longer looking for the car."


The Bangor Police Department is looking for some help.

If you were in the area of Union Street, by the McDonalds around 5:45 PM Wednesday, May 16th, they'd like to talk with you. They're looking for any information that might aid them in tracking down a guy they think was involved in the stabbing of a wheelchair-bound man in Bangor Wednesday afternoon.

Union St. Stabbing 1, Cori Skall
Union St. Stabbing 1, Cori Skall

Jason MacAmbley, Public Information Officer with the Bangor PD, says when the cops arrived on the scene, they found an individual in a wheelchair, badly bleeding from a stab wound in his arm.

"Officers were told by the victim and witnesses the male was arguing with a female on the sidewalk and a car going by pulled over, and a person from the vehicle got out and began arguing with the male victim, and blows were exchanged. The suspect then allegedly stabbed the victim, who was in a wheelchair, jumped back in the car, and the car left the scene. Witnesses stated the suspect was wearing a tan or cream-colored hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up. "

Union St. Stabbing 3, Cori Skall
Union St. Stabbing 3, Cori Skall

McAmbley says that authorities were able to get the 43-year-old man's bleeding under control with a tourniquet and send him off to the hospital, where he was stable, at last check.

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However, the suspect in question is still at large. Police say they are looking for " a red Chevrolet sedan, with a rear spoiler, sunroof, and mismatched rims."

Union St. Stabbing suspect car, Bangor PD
Union St. Stabbing suspect car, Bangor PD

McAmbley says if you saw anything that evening or may be familiar with the vehicle they're looking for, or its owner, you can reach out to Detective Jordan Perry. His direct line is (207) 947-7384 extension 5736.

If you'd rather make an anonymous tip, you can reach out through their tip411 app.

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