Crime doesn't pay, and apparently neither do these people

With St. Patrick's Day coming up on Sunday, this might be a good time to remember that you should always pay your tab. And since Sunday will be a big drinking day, you need to double down on that!

It goes without saying that if you visit a local establishment for a nice meal, or drinks, you pay the check before you exit the premises, right? Well, this isn't always the case, so now that we are in the social media age, these bars & restaurants will call you out on their Facebook pages.

Since it is a Throwback Thursday, here are two doozys from the last few years!

Two men stopped into the Dog & Pony Tavern in Bar Harbor, rang up a $200 tab, then promptly took off without paying. Maybe they just forgot to bring their wallets (doubtful), or maybe they were in a hurry, but either way, they were captured on camera. And thanks to the beauty (or curse) of social media, we can all get a look at the perpetrators.

When you watch the video, you can see that one left first, then the second followed a short time later. All part of their master plan I assume.

A few summers back, our friends at High Tide in Brewer, uploaded a video of some interesting security camera footage to their Facebook page of a woman allegedly skipping out on her tab in a rather sneaky way.

It appears to be near closing time on the outdoor deck at the restaurant, because everyone has pretty much cleared out, so the woman in the video, who conveniently has a table right by the railing, carefully glances to her left, then carefully glances to her right to make sure the coast is clear, she grabs what appears to be a take out box, then she gets up, plants her butt up on the deck railing, and slides on out into the night without paying her tab. Not cool.

It seems weird that people don't realize that cameras are everywhere, in fact, Mason's in Brewer, regularly takes to their social media to call out those who choose to skip out on their tabs.

Just remember, the folks at these establishments work hard each day, and also remember that someone is always watching! So pay up when the check comes!

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