Transportation from Massachusetts to New York is getting pretty creative. Screw your car, the train, or a bus. You can ride the fastest zip line in America.

Zip lines are wildly fun. It is probably a top-five adrenaline rush activity of all time. Zip lines offer adrenaline, joy, and beautiful, peaceful views along your ride. They are a really safe activity, too.

A zip line coined the Cata-monster has people considering using a zip line as a mode of transportation from Massachusetts to New York.

Look at this epic journey.

The entire trip is a total of three zip lines, according to the Catamount Ski website.

And the name 'Cata-monster' refers to the third and final zip line. This monster is the longest continuous zip line in the United States.  It spans over one mile long, connecting Massachusetts and New York.

The views are obviously beautiful (one of the perks of zip-lining), but the adrenaline aspect is what has me excited.

While going from Massachusetts to New York , you will hit speeds faster than 55 mph. The nice thing about the Cata-monster is that you control the speed. So if 55 mph is too much for you, hit that hand brake and slow your roll!

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The zip line tour costs $99 per person. This two-hour adventure kicks off in Egremont, Massachusetts, and ends in Hillsdale, New York.

You have to take a lift up in Massachusetts to begin the zip line down. And I know you have the same thought I had: "If I start in one state and end in the other, how the heck do I get back?"

It is suggested that you leave your car in the New York location, as that is where you will end. However, Catamount assists in the transportation to the start.

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