Scientists at the Jackson Laboratory have been looking at genetic profiles of COVID-19 strains found in people infected with the disease here in Maine.

According to a story published this past weekend in the Bangor Daily News, one or more travelers from out of state likely brought the highly infectious and novel coronavirus to Maine back in the winter months, long before the first case was actually discovered in the state on March 12th.

The researchers at the Lab have looked closely at 99 positive test results from infected people here in Maine, and overall they believe that the majority of them match a COVID-19 strain that was detected this spring in New York.

It is also reported that this particular strain found here in Maine has had less time to mutate, and could have even been introduced to our state by one person.

With the recent findings from very reputable and very smart people that COVID-19 was in our area much earlier than we thought, those that were very sick back in late January and February are now really wondering if they indeed had the novel coronavirus.

Back around the end of January this author was as sick as I had ever been.  A horrible persistent cough that produced no phlegm. Numerous fevers where I’d wake in the middle of the night to damp sheets.  Headaches, no appetite, and no urge to get out of bed. This lasted for almost 7 full days, and certain symptoms like the cough lasted weeks beyond that.

Various others have mentioned the same thing.  Was there a chance that some have already had COVID-19, and had not even realized it? 
Looks now like that was the case.
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