Well, almost the entire cast (can you guess who is missing?). ‘Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon is really get into Los Angeles living during this week's sojourn to the land of sun and fun, and no ode to California would be complete without a loving nod to the ultimate Cali show: ‘Saved By the Bell.’

There's no way to oversell this sketch—which ostensibly imagines that a young Jimmy Fallon attended Bayside High before moving to New York City to become a comedian—because it's so phenomenally well done that you have to see it to believe it. Is this the real ‘Saved By the Bell’ set? Looks like it. And where did they get that block cell phone? And how does Mario Lopez slip so perfectly back into character as A.C. Slater? Seriously, this entire thing is impressive, but Lopez's Slater strut is a special thing of beauty.

Time to dig out our old ‘Saved By the Bell’ box set, because we're feeling nostalgic.

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