Cori: Following the 4th of July weekend, we got an "Ask Miss Cori" submission that left both JStew and I asking the question: When did we get old?! The person who sent the message was lamenting the fact that years ago they would have spent all weekend partying and staying out late on the 4th, but that this year they were in bed by 10PM! And couldn't even blame Covid-19 as the cause for their lameness!

We knew we could't be alone in feeling our years, so we decided to turn our usual "Throw Back Thursday" into a "Throw Your Back Out Thursday" and ask you:

What's something you could do in your younger days, but can't now?

For me, it's a number of which, not the least being put my legs behind my head. I used to be super bendy in my youth. Now I'm just super achy!

JStew: It's funny... As I write this, I'm sort of hyper-focused on how much my thumb is kinda bothering me from extensive overuse while tracking drums in my home studio. My mind can really only envision a world where I can stop typing right now, and go have ibuprofen for dinner.

And like Cori said, we know we're not alone. We had a phone call from a fella this morning that we didn't get to air, but he wanted to go all the way back to 1977! Apparently nothing ached or pained back then. But, here are some of your responses to our "Throw Your Back Out Thursday"...

Rob Irwin Bad knees = Used to be able to sit for a while , or get in and out of my car without my knees hurting.

Peter McFadden My hearing, last two years I had to start watching TV with subtitles.

Cheryl McManus Used to be able to dance for hours, not now 

Wendi B. Knowles Remember stuff. The older I get the more often I'm standing in a room trying to figure out WHY am I in this room??? Grrr 

April Robshaw I used to be able to get on my knees to garden or sit on the floor play with kids or sit on a beach, climb stairs with ease, ride a bike, walk without pain.. because of a medical condition getting worse as i age, a horrible falling accident and a botched surgery, that I need to have done again to fix. I've not been able to do any of that for 3 years now and may never be able to again... aging is tough! Mentally im still 23

Sandra Lyn Climb a mountain!

Allen Esposito I had to sell my corvette because I’d pinch a nerve in my back every time I got into it... i was 33 

Aisling Doucette Go party with my friends and not feel like death for a week afterwards lol

I think we'd have to agree with our minds we're all a lot younger. If only our bodies would get the memo!

Also, don't forget, you can send us your "Ask Miss Cori" questions right through our Facebook or App Messenger! So if you ever want "real life answers to real life questions, from a totally unqualified source" send them our way and we'll read them on the air!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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