We thought it would be fun to take a trip back in time for this Weekly Web Wonder. We're taking a look at a show that used to air Sunday afternoons at 12:30PM on WVII, Channel 7. It starred legendary radio DJ of the time, Mighty John Marshall, hosting a dance show featuring teenagers from a local high school filmed dancing to rock music at the Bounty Tavern. I mean...can you think of a more winning combination? 80's music, 80's hairstyles and 80's dance moves with The Bounty as the backdrop...yes please!

JStew: Man, this brings me all the way back to shoving cookies in my mouth on a Sunday afternoon. I used to love American Bandstand quite a bit, so I was into the idea of a local version. Granted I was too young to go myself, as I was only 11 or 12, but I'd watch it just to see if I knew anyone from my neighborhood. but as we were watching it today, I definitely saw some people I knew, like local media legend Bob Potts!!! Hahahaha. You will absolutely enjoy this trip down memory lane....

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Cori: What's kind of neat is that growing up in the Orono area when I was a kid, I recognize some of the faces in this video. I was a little girl at the time these were filmed, but it's pretty neat to see these people I knew (when they were grown up) having fun and letting loose as kids in high school. Taking a look back and seeing how they danced and what they wore...it's definitely awesome!

If you blink, you may miss it, but there's a local radio/PR guy who apparently made one of his earliest television appearances on this show, too. Maybe you'll catch who we're talking about, if you look and listen closely.

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