The verdict is in. According to TMZ, a judge has rejected Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer's legal request to rejoin his band at the Grammys this weekend.

According to the report, the judge stated that Kramer didn't make a convincing enough case, siding with Aerosmith as he explained, "Given that Kramer has not played with the band in six months and the dearth of available rehearsal time before the upcoming performances, Kramer has not shown a realistic alternative course of action sufficient to protect the band's business interests."

Kramer sustained minor injuries that kept him out of action for a period last year while Aerosmith were playing their Las Vegas residency. In his legal action, he stated that he was asked to audition for his role - a move that was contrary to how the band had conducted their business over the years.

According to the band, the drummer had balked at opportunities, but when he finally agreed to play, they felt that the music was not on par with their standards. They did state that the door was open for Kramer to return should his playing return to its full potential.

They also added in a statement that they have invited Kramer to join them at the Grammys and their MusiCares Person of the Year gala saluting their career, adding, "We are bonded by much more than our time on stage." However, at present, the court has not backed Kramer's attempt to return to playing with the band at this weekend's festivities.

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