There's a very good chance there's an 1800 lbs Herford Bull on the loose in the Etna, Carmel, Newport area.

Runaway Bull, Chuck Hill
Runaway Bull, Chuck Hill
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According to Chuck Hill, his bull went missing on Sunday, December 5th, while being unloaded at Watsons Custom Butcher Shop in Etna.

"He was at Watsons butcher shop unloading him he went crazy."

Hill says the 2 and a half-year-old bull smashed through the gate, running over the shop's owner, Andy Watson.

"We called for the ambulance while taking care of the owner. The bull ran off. That's the last time we saw him."

Hill says Watson is still pretty sore and bruised up, but didn't suffer any broken bones.

Meanwhile, the bull is still on the loose, and the folks looking for him have very little to go on.

What we do know is that this animal is very large, and not something you want to come across while driving. So please keep your eyes open for him.

Obviously, should you see a giant bull wandering about the area, please take note of the time and place you see it, and reach out to either the authorities, or you can call Watsons Bucher Shop at (207) 269-4356, or Chuck Hill (who lives 20 miles outside of town, so it could take a little while for him to get to the bull) at (207) 570-7909.

There is a reward being offered for the return of the bull.

This is not the first time an animal of this size has managed to cheat death and head out on the run.

About 11 years ago, in the Spring of 2010, an enormous "Beefalo" got loose along Route 1A in Ellsworth. It evaded capture for quite some time, as I recall. It would be spotted on a side street or once in the parking lot of a local storage unit. Needless to say, it was a bit unnerving to know it was out there, roaming about, with all the other super huge animals just hiding out of sight, along the roadways of Maine.

So keep your eyes open for these big guys, and call them in when you see them.

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