Next Wednesday, November 11,  we all will take a moment to honor our nation's veterans by celebrating Veterans Day.

Traditionally, we've been able to recognize our brave men and women with parades and community gatherings. But obviously, this year will be different because of Covid related restrictions on gatherings.

As reported in the BDN last month, Bangor's Veterans Day Parade has been canceled. And unfortunately, that's been the trend across the nation.

But that should not prevent us from showing our appreciation for these heroes.

We would like to help with this effort, and have put together a way that you can Salute A Vet, with your own message and in your own voice.

We've put a special "Salute A Vet" button right on our app. You can record your own wishes to either a special veteran in your life, or to all veterans out there. And we will share these messages on the air, throughout the day on Veterans Day. So if you have a veteran, near or far, past or present, that you would like to recognize, please allow us to help you honor them.

And since since we stream live online and through our app, your messages can be heard by anyone, anywhere in the world!

Be sure to spread the word, so that we can spread the love and appreciation for our veterans.

Here's how you can submit your salute. First, make sure you have our app.

Then, just tap the "Salute a Vet" button and record your salute. (See the red arrow below? That's where you'll find the button.)

I-95 Rocks (and so does the app.)
I-95 Rocks (and so does the app.)
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