You know, sometimes in life, you just need to say what's on your mind. You just need to shout from the roof tops. Yell from a mountain top. Maybe even get drunk and do karaoke, and tell your story of your ex-bf or gf in high school, and why this song means so much to you. No shame here. Sometimes you just gotta let it out.

Perhaps you might choose a different path than that. Maybe you might choose a bumper sticker. Maybe you might choose a whole lot of bumper stickers. Or even have your vehicle vinyl wrapped. Or at least just the tailgate....

There's a truck that's been spotted around Lewiston quite a bit, that someone snagged a photo of and put it up on Redditor u/fredezz posted this photo of the truck in question. It depicts an intimately dressed woman's backside, with cursive lettering on the back window declaring, "B!tchy Lady". Check it out:

u/fredezz via Reddit
u/fredezz via Reddit

Now... you be you. I don't have any particular problem with this. Lord knows, since Maine took the restrictions off of what you can put on a vanity plate, I feel like I've seen it all on Maine's roads.

To be honest though, I also feel like these two images are a bit opposite. The photo on the tailgate seems to imply this person is vulnerable and soft, but this back window says something entirely different. Life certainly is a paradox. Or in this case, a pair of buns on a tailgate. But hey... you gotta do your thing.

I might choose something a bit different. First off, no one on Earth wants to see my flat bee-hind. It barely exists. My back literally just turns into my legs, it's so bizarre. And if I were to summarize myself on the back window of my Honda CRV, it'd likely say "Hungry, Hungry Hippo".

But, I love that we live in a country where all this is fine. We can put whatever we dang-well please on the backs of our cars and trucks with no fear whatsoever. I say kudos to you B!tchy Lady! You're doing exactly what we should all be doing.... Not hiding who we are, and telling the rest of the world just how it is.

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