When a photo appeared of a TSA worker holding a live 20 lbs. at Boston's Logan Airport, everyone wondered who had shipped it that way.  Now, that question has been answered.

Now, a woman who owns the Atlantic Seafood Market in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, has come forward, and she's pretty upset that the TSA pulled the old guy out of the shipping container, held it up by it's claws, and then took a photo to put on social media.

According to WTNH.com, Lisa Feinman had sold the large lobster and other smaller ones to a customer who was transporting them in a approved container labeled "live lobsters" to Georgia.  Feinman didn't have a problem with the TSA agents doing their jobs, but with how the lobster was man-handled and then exposed following the incident.

She told the TV station, "Yes it was a huge lobster, and yes it is a novelty that we all don’t see very often, but really the bigger picture was this is a TSA agent that is going through our personal property and taking selfies.”

She then went on to say, "“What if you’re into cougar printed underwear and he’s got it on his head and he’s prancing around taking selfies? It’s the same thing.”

Do you agree?




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