While most teenagers are usually embarrassed by their parents, sometimes having a mom or dad with unique hobbies and unusual knowledge can come in handy.

Courtesy, Dennis Bean

For example, having a dad who has a passion for rock 'n roll and a talent for painting can be a very good thing when you're tasked with creating a homecoming float with the theme "Rock Through The Decades", as students at Central High School were this year.

Kennan Bean, who plays soccer for Central, lucked out in this category. His dad, Orono Firefighter, Dennis Bean, is a HUGE rock 'n roll fan!

Firefighter Dennis Bean, Cori Skall

But aside from his love for Rock Music, Firefighter Dennis is actually a very talented artist, as well. He's done the paintings on the side of the Fire Trucks at his station and even loaned his talent to Central to put this piece together for their gym.

Courtesy, Dennis Bean

Naturally, Bean volunteered to help put this year's boy's soccer float together for Homecoming this past weekend. And he knew exactly what he wanted to do!

Courtesy, Dennis Bean

You see, Central was scheduled to play the Sumner Tigers. So Bean picked his decade, picked his band, and went to work.

Courtesy, Dennis Bean

With help from the members of the Central boys' soccer team, Bean spent almost all day Thursday on his masterpiece. And as the boys helped him pain, Bean quizzed them on their knowledge of KISS songs and who was who. He may have even performed an air guitar solo or two that might have launched him off the float and on to nearby hay bales, but one can't be entirely sure.

Courtesy, Dennis Bean

The finished product stole the show at the homecoming parade Saturday morning. Bean said:

"Huge team participation by all teams. It was such a huge flashback for all of us adults!!! It was such a fun weekend for everyone. It was so nice to see so many smiles and laughs!!!!! Boys soccer..girls soccer and field hockey received $75 Wild Wings gift cards. Just an amazing weekend."

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Due to an outbreak of Covid-19, Central's girl's soccer team had to play against alumni, because their opponent had to back out of the game. But Bean said the boys did a great job holding their own:

"The boys tied 2-2 after double OT."

From all accounts, Central's Homecoming weekend was a rousing success.

"So they ended up giving a prize to all 3 varsity sports..girls soccer..boys soccer and Field Hockey. Huge participation this year by all the athletes. It was really awesome to see."

Was it inspiration provided by an awesome homecoming float that kept the boy's soccer team fighting for the win? It's hard to say. But there's no doubt of Bean's commitment to the cause of keeping school spirit, and the spirit of rock n roll alive!

Rock On, Firefighter Dennis!

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