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For Hampden resident Allen Esposito, the holidays are usually a very busy time of year. He works full time, is a full-time student, an incoming councilman for the town of Hampden, and a full-time family man. Amid all the hustle and bustle that the Christmas season brings to his life, there's one more thing Esposito looks forward to the most: helping kids connect with Santa, through the mail!

"I’ve been doing this every year for the last five years. I get more and more letters from kids every year."

You see, Esposito has "an in" with the Big Guy, and makes sure every Letter To Santa that comes across his desk, makes it to the Jolly Old Elf for his personal perusal. And then, this special Santa's helper makes sure that Santa's responses make it back to the kids.

"I am very busy this time of year and I don’t have a lot of time to enjoy the season so bringing a little bit of joy the kids is really what makes it worthwhile for me. I like to personalize Santa letters because it’s nice for the parents as a keepsake and it’s nice for the kids to feel like Santa really hears them. I stay up late and I like to write these letters. Usually how it winds up every year!"

Esposito says he's recruited more help this year because he had so many letters come in last year that he almost didn’t get them all done!

Not only does he get letters from local boys and girls, but from folks as far away as New Zealand!

"My penmanship is terrible, so I have to type them up but I always make sure they are signed by Santa himself!"

If your child would like to write a letter to Santa, and have him write back, just make sure to include a stamp for return postage, and address it to:
Santa Claus attn:
Allen Esposito
POB 444 Pittsfield ME 04967
"I can imagine with coronavirus people will be home a little more and looking for something to do with their kids. So if you write a letter to Santa I’ll make sure he gets it!"

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