Covid-19 really didn't hit the U.S. till a number of months after the 2019 fall/winter holiday season. That means this year's Thanksgiving and Christmas are likely to look and feel, like everything else in 2020, very different.

One of the traditions many families across the nation have, including my own, is taking  their kids to visit Santa. In years past, children would hop up on Saint Nick's knee, share a whimsical photo with the Jolly Old Elf. Then they'd whisper their wishes into his ear, for whatever they were hoping to see under the tree come Christmas morning. In some cases, they'd even leave with a little piece of candy or a tiny trinket.

In the year of masks and social distancing, this tradition is going to have to change. But have no fear, for Kris Kringle isn't about to let Covid put the kibosh on Christmas!

There will still be a Holly Jolly season, as Santa's helpers everywhere are learning new ways to spread holiday cheer and not germs.

Via YouTube; NowThisNews
Via YouTube; NowThisNews


As this video shows, Santa's-in-training in the UK, for instance, are making the most out of their decorative, fur-lined masks and their tiny sleighs full of toys. And you can be sure, while you may not be able to whisper your wishes into Santa's ear, he'll still be able to hear you. He's magical, after all, right?!

The world could use a good dose of good news these days. A hearty helping of the holiday spirit, delivered by a man who makes most everyone smile, might just be what the doctor ordered.

So while you may not be able to sit on his knee, for a man who knows when you'll be sleeping, and knows when you're awake, we're guessing he already knows what you want on that list, too.

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