Losing a loved one is never, ever easy.

A wise friend once told me that no matter what, in the end, love always hurts. Sometimes that love ends because those we love can't stay with us on this mortal plane anymore. That's the worst kind of hurt. Relationships come and go, and those can sting badly, but losing a loved one is the absolute worst.

What can be even harder, is finding a way to honor that person that seems fitting for the end of their life, but also one that you can live with. In my family, we've all said we wanted to be cremated. We all figured it was the easiest, and least financially impacting on the family left behind.

Now, there may be an opportunity to take that one step further.

Brunswick, Maine-based bluShift Aerospace has created a partnership with Northern Lights Space Exploration LP, another Brunwick-based company, that will offer Mainers an chance to send their cremated loved ones a little closer to heaven. The deal enables the companies to send a loved ones remains into orbit.

According to Maine Public, the two companies will send several missions where up to 10 kg (22 lbs) of ashes of your passed relatives. Over time, they may expand into a whole array of space services. One day, you may even be able to send the ashes of a beloved pet into space.

There are still some things to iron out, but hopefully it can begin soon. There's also no indication yet as to what this may cost. But if you are looking for a deeply personal, and very unique way to honor someone, this may be it. How nice would it be knowing that your loved ones were always above you, looking down?

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