You don't have to look too hard to find people who still talk about The Kave.

Back about 20 years ago, I was in a band called 6Gig. We had a crappy little record deal, and spent a good amount of time on the road, grinding it out to try and hit the big time. Just like any other band. After a long time out playing for sparse crowds in other states, we always looked forward to coming home and playing.

Courtesy of 6Gig - Becky Nieman
Courtesy of 6Gig - Becky Nieman

One venue we always enjoyed was The Kave in Bucksport. You could always count on a strong showing, by an extremely enthusiastic crowd who was always ready to rip some $#!7 up. It's a very satisfying feeling as a musician to play for people who get what you do. The Kave always delivered on that.

The coolest bands from all over the place came there.

It wasn't just local bands either. Bands from all over the country showed up to soak in the loyal legion of fans that attended. But it was so much more than just a music venue. For metal and hardcore fans/kids, it was their home away from home. It was their space. It was where people would go to be surrounded by "their own".


If you start polling random people, within minutes you'll find plenty of people who still talk about The Kave to this day. And not only enthusiastically discuss, but also exhibit a level of pride that most music venues never earn. And it was because The Kave never tried to be anything it wasn't, and it refused to change for anyone.

After waaaaay too long, The Kave will get the recognition it deserves.

According to a post I saw on Reddit, local filmmaker Ricky Leighton (personally approved by Kathy Kave herself) has tasked himself with telling the real story of The Kave. It'll be a deep dive, not only into the bands that played there, but presumably deep into the self-contained culture The Kave possessed. It wouldn't be complete otherwise.

Rock and Roll gesture

Here's the cool part... as has always been the case there, they want your input on this documentary. They want folks who were there to share stories, or dates for shows, whatever it might be you have to share about your memories of The Kave. You can share you're stories right here, or you can email them to

It's unclear what the timeline for release of the doc will be, as it appears it's in the info gathering stage, but when Downeast Hardcore: Stories form The Kave is released, people far and wide will be thrilled to hear the story told by the people who were there. This will be a great day in Maine hardcore/metal history.

The Kave has been physically gone for a minute, and we miss it. Bring it back so we can make Bucksport a cozy town for this list...

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