When I was in college, I lived in Augusta for a bit.

I went to University of Maine Augusta for a spell in the 90's. I had my sights set on getting at least my Associate's Degree in music. It didn't remotely pan out for me. The music turned out just fine, but the educational component did not. And I can't say that I really loved living in Augusta.

Augusta, Maine, USA downtown skyline on the Kennebec River.

At that time, there wasn't a whole heck of a lot going on that would capture the interest of a 19 year old kid. Heck, the internet wasn't even really a thing yet. So I couldn't even just avoid life by spending all my time on the internet. Needless to say, my time around there didn't last too long.

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One could argue that capitals should be the heartbeat of a state.

Often, it's not. Obviously, Albany is not the cultural hot-spot of New York state, whereas Boston certainly is the cultural center of Massachusetts. It probably varies from state to state, but we can all agree that here in Maine, Augusta is not Maine's "coolest" place. Sure, I guess it depends on who you ask.

attachment-RS36111_Mill Park Augusta Maine _ Renee Nelson

But according to a recent study by WalletHub.com, Augusta is almost worse than everyone else. In fact, only one other state capital is rated worse than Maine's capital. And we're not talking remotely about politics here. Sure, there's a lot of in-state hatred for the perception of Augusta, but other reasons factor in.

Many factors went into this rating.

When you look at things like economy, household income, and affordability of housing, Augusta can't stand up to some of the more urban capitals. One could argue Augusta lacks a bustling night life, or an abundance of culture. That's not to say there's none, it's just harder to come by than say, Portland.

attachment-RS36062_Augusta Civic Center Augusta Maine _ Renee Nelson

Only one capital in America fared worse than us, and that is Trenton, NJ. I can't really say that's a shocker. And all the way at the top was Austin, TX. As far as the rest of New England, Concord, NH came in at #10. That's not bad at all. But here in Maine, we just get what we get... Like always...

Maine was once again named the oldest state in the US. Are we here too?

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