Maine Forest Rangers Massive Rock

So if a humongous boulder breaks free a rolls hundreds of feet down through the woods before slamming into a stand of trees, does it make any sound?

Now here's a scene that you don't come across everyday!  Look at what Maine Forest Rangers came across while investigating lightning strikes on Elephant Mountain, about five miles east of Moosehead Lake.  Good thing no one was in the way when this baby broke loose!

The massive rock broke off from what is known as "The Eye", and was described as being at least 50 feet long and 30 feet high.  It left a pancake trail through the woods a quarter of a mile long.

We're betting that Bambi,Yogi, and anything else that was sound asleep in the woods that night were awaken by a very loud and scary sound as this rock that no doubt weighs hundreds of tons made its way down the hill.

For those that hike mountains often, this is definitely some to be aware of.  Yes, always look up to see what may be coming at you!

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