The Humane Society Waterville Area announced via their Facebook Page today, that for the 7th year in a row, a local insurance company is holding a "Patriotic Pet Contest" to help them raise money.

Photo: Jenny Hart

According to the post:

"F.A. Peabody Insurance will donate $1 to HSWA for every photo submission!"

How does it work? The F.A. Peabody Insurance Facebook Page says that from now until July 2nd, anyone can submit a picture of their Patriotic Pet" online (via the company's Facebook Page.)

Photo: Jordan Verge
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F.A. Peabody will donate $1 to the shelter for each photo submitted on it's behalf. When they have more than 25 photo submissions, they'll double that donation to $2. So the more people who submit, the more money the shelter makes.

" The photo with the most likes will win an additional $100 for the selected shelter. Winning pets of our previous Pet Photo Contests will be excluded, in order to give others a chance to win. All shelters will receive a $1.00 donation for each entry on their behalf regardless of which photo wins. There will be a maximum donation of $350 per shelter."

Photo: Jenny Hart

For a complete list of the entry rules and photo guidelines, click here.

F.A. Peabody also advises that folks observe proper flag protocol, which can be found at most American Legions, or by clicking here.

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