Turns out the crazy tide changes in Maine cause some even crazier water spectacles! Have you even ever heard of reversing falls?

Even though reversing falls are not a common occurrence they are in Maine! This state claims to have 8!

Reversing Falls or Tidal Falls happen when you combine drastic tidal changes with an area littered with things like rocks, and other obstacles make quite a disturbance in the fast moving water. When the tide is moving in it will apear to be a normal. But once the tide starts to move out you will see the astonishing reversing falls. See what we mean in the video above from the biggest reversing falls in Maine.

Here is where you can see reversing falls in Maine:

Bagaduce River- Brooksville

Basin Cove- Harpswell

Blue Hill Falls- Blue Hill

Cobscook Falls- Pembroke

Damariscotta River- Damariscotta

Goose Falls- Brooksville

Sheepscot River- Newcastle

Taunton Bay Tidal Falls- Sullivan

Read more about reversing falls and the reversing falls of Maine here!


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