Tracy Weed from Hancock spends a lot of time enjoying the outdoors where she lives. In the many years she's lived in town, she's seen some interesting things.

There was that one time she was crocheting in her car, parked at a nearby beach, and watched not one, but two trucks get stuck in the ocean.

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This week, though, she got up close and personal with nature in a way many of us may never get a chance to do: She got to compliment a moose, right to its face.

Moose In Lamoine 5, Tracy Weed
Moose In Lamoine 5, Tracy Weed

Weed was at work this morning, at a local hot spot called Tideway Market in Hancock, when someone came into the store with some news; a moose was loose at the Lamoine Goat Farm.

"So I went and checked it out. It’s the first one I have ever seen!"

Weed said the moose looked like a young one and didn't seem too skittish when she walked along the road, past where it was.

In this video she took, Weed can be heard speaking sweetly to the moose, and the moose doesn't seem to mind her tone or her words.

"I was on break, I was not nervous at all. There were a couple of other people there!! I don’t know where the goats were."

While experts say that most moose are unpredictable and are just as likely to charge you as they are to run off, Weed says the risk didn't deter locals from swinging by to get a better look.

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"People were driving by. She is close to the road, from what I understand she has been there since yesterday!!"

She says she stayed a total of 15 minutes, visiting with the moose. And later in the day, when she went back to check on it, it was still there, just sitting in the middle of the field.

Weed says it was a really neat experience.

"Oh it was amazing, I love wildlife."

It just goes to show, that you just never know what you'll find yourself face-to-face with in Maine.

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