I was actually on 'The Nite Show' a couple years ago.

I was actually on the air, one morning a while back and got a random text from Maine rap stalwart, Spose. He said he was in a super tight spot, as his drummer had to bail on him at the last minute. Spose was headed to Bangor to do an appearance on The Nite Show, with Dan Cashman. Obviously, I said yes.

Spizzyspose via youtube
Spizzyspose via youtube

I had about 90 minutes to prepare by the time I got out of work and headed home to learn the tunes. I packed up what I needed and head over. We filmed our performances, and that was it. Spose and I high-fived and went our separate ways. I never had another occasion to be on there, otherwise. It was a blast!

All good things must come to an end at some point.

Just over the weekend, Dan Cashman was doing a little diatribe about concussions that led into him revealing that The Nite Show would be filming its last season next year, and end in 2025. Obviously, there is still plenty of time to enjoy what's coming for the next several months. But it's weird to think it'll end after 15 years.


I'm glad I got to be on there once, even if it was in a supporting role. Honestly, I hate being under the spotlight anyway, so it was better that way. I imagine Dan will pull out all the stops to make the last season special. So definitely prepare to have your socks rocked off, for sure. Check out the video of the announcement right here.

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