No lie, I will drive a pretty impressive distance for a good meal.

For years, I spent a good chunk of my life in the restaurant biz. I was in it so long, I wondered if I'd ever escape. But, all those years gave me a deep appreciation of good food. So for me and my wife, we'll often hop in the car to road trip to our favorite spots around Maine.

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The meal I'm typically most interested in, is breakfast. I can cook just about anything, but to this day, I still despise cooking brunch. So given the opportunity, I will drive to the ends of the Earth for a solid morning meal. And one of our favorite spots to go, is always Ralph's Cafe in the town of Brooks.

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Where the heck is Brooks?


Brooks is a little town along Route 7, if you're traveling towards Belfast, in either direction. Pre-covid, they used to have a tasty dinner menu too, but these days they've been sticking mostly to breakfast, with a smattering of lunch. But I always like to go on the weekends and get the pastries. The French Crullers are truly outstanding.

French pastries on display a confectionery shop in France

They have all the regular breakfast staples, like bacon and eggs, but you can also appreciate their twists on the classics, as well as adding some things that might make you scratch your head, but will definitely delight your belly. Also, it's a milestone year for Ralph's, as they celebrate 20 years, so obviously they're doing something right.

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This week, they announced via their Facebook page that they're ready to open for the season, and plan to do so on March 29th. Personally, I can't wait. I'll make every bit of the drive, and enjoy the anticipation of a delicious meal. Will I be first in line? We'll see how early I'm willing to get up!

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