Granted, it's still technically winter.

At this point, the first day of Spring is just a couple weeks away. Daylight saving time starts this weekend... And technically, we've begun what's called meteorological spring. That's all good and everything, but a lot of folks are already wondering what this summer has in store.

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Last summer was absolute crap. We finally had a little heat wave here and there, but essentially it rained most of the summer. My lawn looked better than it ever has, but I'd gladly trade a beautiful lawn for some sunshine. And on social media, last summer left people with such PTSD, that they're already asking what the deal might be.

Luckily, we have the Old Farmer's Almanac.

The interesting thing about the Old Farmer's Almanac, is that it's been known to be up to 80% accurate. That's gotta be on par with most meteorologists. Now I'm not implying that you can bank on it all the time, but it does give us a good glimpse into our future. And it's always nice to have a semi-accurate crystal ball when planning things.

If you scope the 60 day forecast, even the rest of Spring is acceptable. It's about what you'd expect. There will be some warm spots, and some cool ones. We're bound to get a little bit more snow, but at this point, it probably won't stick around very long. But for summer? That doesn't look too shabby.

Get ready for a real July.

Starting in May, things start to become much more summer-y and a lot less spring-y. However, despite it being a bit warmer for May, there's some extra potential for rain. As we move into June, that's when things look a bit more exciting. It could be a bit cooler in June, but it usually is in the beginning. But, the rain is supposed to be below average.

Child with mother on water slide at aquapark. Two persons on summer holiday.

When July rolls around, and tourist season kicks into full swing, temps are supposed to be significantly above normal, but below average for rain. That's a refreshing change already, compared to last year. When July came last year, it just felt like the crappy part of June was still hanging on for dear life.

August starts to even out, and then dip a bit.

Overall, the end of the summer may not be as exciting as the beginning. August looks pretty flat/average temperature-wise, but precipitation is supposed to be elevated. So it has the potential to be a bit of a rainy August. That may not a bad thing id June and July are pretty dry.

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It would nice if we could have some summer in our summer this year, as opposed to Mother Nature usually just giving us the finger. Again, the Old Farmer's Almanac is a guide. It's not a hard fast rule. But being 80% accurate at least can give us some hope for summer. By the way... Fall doesn't look to bad, but we'll wait a bit on that one, haha.

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