In my opinion, there will never be enough bakeries in the world.

Bonus if you make donuts... But it's true. I don't believe there will ever be a world where there's going to be too many places to treat yourself. Not to mention, we live in a state with legal cannabis. So yeah... There are more reasons than I can even think of, to just bring us Mainers more sweet opportunities.

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However, there's often one thing that gets in the way of satisfying that sweet tooth. For instance, what if you had a craving attack for a homemade whoopie pie, and it's 11:00pm? Chances are, one of those mass-produced, Massachusetts whoopie pies from a convenience store just isn't gonna cut it. Welp, there's good news for you...

Sweet Cheeks Bakery is bringing their famous vending machines up here!

Happy woman holding donuts

Ok, maybe not quite at first, we'll see. But their machines at their Verona Island location, whom they refer to as Laverne and Shirley, are huge hits down that way. Folks love that they can just go in any time of day or night, and get whatever they need out the vending machine. Now that's service!


On Saturday July 20th, Sweet Cheeks will be opening their newest location in the Tradewinds Plaza at 113 Main Road in Holden. It's been in the works for a few months, but now things are officially ready to roll. Their grand opening will have samples and prizes and all the other things you'd expect, according to their Facebook page.

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The vending machines Sweet Cheeks are so famous for, fix some of the issues that other bakeries around Maine have had with trying to maintain the "honor system", to pay for baked goods. The machines just add a small layer of accountability that keep people from doing bad things. But man... 24/7 access to baked goods is going to be a great problem to have...

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