It started as a parent's worst nightmare, but thanks to some skillful Wardens and an awesome K9, two toddlers who got lost in the woods this week, were found safe and sound.

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According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, a two-year-old and three-year-old had been playing in their yard in Phillips with an older sibling, when the kids wandered out of sight.

No. 6 Rd Phillips, Google
No. 6 Rd Phillips, Google

Their older brother alerted the parents, and everyone started to look for the kids. Not having any luck locating the children, the authorities were called in to help, and an all-hands-on-deck search was launched. The Franklin County Sheriff's office joined Wardens in their efforts to comb the dense woods in the are for any sign of the little ones.

"12 Wardens searched the area of Number Six Road in Phillips for approximately three hours on foot, with K9s, and via ATV and aircraft. In the end, it was K9 Storm and Warden Chad Robertson who located the two children huddled together, unharmed, in a heavily wooded remote area about a half mile from their home."

"The effort, expertise, and dedication of Warden Robertson and K9 Storm prevented a long night alone in the woods for the children, and a long night of worry for their family."

The Department went on to praise the dedication and skill of both the Wardens Service and the K9 units they work with for the happy resolution to this incident, mentioning that they were grateful to be able to reunite the youngsters with their family members.

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