Nature isn't the only thing amongst the trees in this haunted forest in Maine, says Travel Channel.

There's plenty of ghost stories and folklore that are set in the Maine woods. Unexplained disappearances, mysterious beasts, and even contact with extraterrestrials. According to a list put together by Travel Channel, Maine is home to a particularly frightening stand of trees. Making their list of "11 Haunted Forests" is Randolph Forest in Randolph, Maine.

Travel Channel says:

The forest in a tiny town between Portland and Bangor, Maine, is rife with paranormal activity according to the locals. There are strange sounds, uneasy feelings, and the appearance of orbs. In October 2020, the Bangor Daily News talked to residents who believe the woods are now haunted by a beloved local man who disappeared and was never found.

The TV network has featured a few cases of paranormal phenomena in Maine recently. The show The Most Terrifying Places in America highlighted the spookiness that resides within the walls of Fort Knox. The episode titled "Cursed Towns" aired in 2018. Fort Knox was most recently featured on the paranormal investigation show, Destination Fear. The episode aired back in August, and is currently streaming on Discovery +.

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Lastly, how can we forget the Falmouth Shadow Creature caught on a dash cam. The show Paranormal Caught on Camera taps paranormal experts to analyze submitted footage in hopes of unraveling the mystery behind the evidence. While one expert believes the shadow could be the spirit of an animal that died on the road. Show folklorist, Lynne McNeil, said the video could be evidence of a supernatural beast known as a Hellhound.

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