A girl from Medway really pulled a fast one over on her father when she came up with a very creative way to give him a birthday and Father's Day present!

Ashly Dill of Medway teamed up with an officer from the East Millinocket Police Department to give him tickets to the upcoming Rod Stewart concert in Bangor.

Watch the video shot by daughter Ashly from the passenger's side of father Jim Gleason's vehicle.  You'll see Officer Brad Fitzgerald approach the driver's side window and tell Mr. Gleason that his driver's side taillight was out.  The officer then asks for the regular stuff, license, registration and proof of insurance.  Gleason didn't have his insurance card with him, so the officer took that information and used it wisely.

When the officer returned from his cruiser he gave Gleason an envelope with instructions on what to do without an insurance card.  When daddy Jim opened the envelope there were the tickets to the Rod Stewart concert coming up on July 14th!

Nicely done Ashly!

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