Seems like just like many of us in Maine at least one member of the family is a bit more laid back. Meet Moxie alleged brother of the Duck of Justice.

Seems that a week or so ago Officer Tim Cotton was summoned by dispatcher Katie Oakley  to introduce him to the duck she claims is brother to the Duck of Justice.

Katie says the duck looking to buy into the family fame is Moxie the Duck of Justice's "stoner" brother who has spent his life being a little more free with his time, drinking Moxie, and skiing. According to Officer Cotton he has no way to deny or confirm the duck's familial status and therefore Moxie seems to have been adopted into the Bangor Police Department family.

TC is also relaying credit to of the term "stoner" to Katie's Aunt Janet in Nebraska.  You'll have to read the full story to see why.

Either way we can agree with the officer that Moxie's sunglasses are an on point accessory. Moxie is now a permanent addition to he Bangor PD's decor to cheer on our local officers.

Here is an up close and personal with the Duck of Justice.



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