We're not talking about that kind of weed.

Luckily, no one is trying to poison the state's supply of cannabis or anything like that. But that doesn't mean there isn't cause for alarm. I'm not sure if the times are just a-changin' or if things are just going bananas, but it seems the once-protected Maine has now becoming a home to all sorts of things that aren't awesome.


Whether it's Browntail Moth Caterpillar rash or some crazy animal with rabies in your yard, it seems things are out to get us way more than they used to be. When I was a kid I never once worried about ticks. And we'd traipse through the densest grass up to our shoulders in back fields. These days you can't even walk in the front yard without worrying about getting a tick, or ten, on you.

The weed we're talking about won't hurt you, but it could devastate the yard.

There's a vine that was recently spotted growing in Boothbay Harbor in someone's yard according to WGME, and it could have crazy impacts statewide if it's not controlled. It's called the "mile-a-minute" weed. It can literally grow up to six inches a day. The state wants people to report it immediately if they find it in their yard.


According to the State, the weed can smother other species around it very quickly. If it were to take hold in a tree farm or a plant nursery, it could be utterly devastating. Same thing at your house if it got a foothold and was undetected.

Here's what to look for...

The State of Maine put out a press release about it, and this is how they describe the plant:

It features distinctive triangular leaves, spikes of pea-sized blue fruits, and recurved barbs along the stems and leaf margins. The vine also displays peculiar circular leaves, known as ocreae, clasping the stem beneath each fruit spike.

And remember, in a matter of a few weeks, this vine can grow up to 25ft long. Six inches a day... That's insane. If you do spot it on your property, you should report it immediately to the state. You can do that right here. Also, be sure to gather additional info at the state's invasive plants webpage and get informed.

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