Every week we peruse the 'Missed Connections' section on Craigslist, here's what we found this week!

Someday... - m4w (Bangor)

We work together, but not togerher...i see you less now, there are other things going on. Every time I still get that feeling though, that feeling that if things were just a little different we would be closer...Maybe it will happen someday, for now though I'll cherish the few times we cross paths


Gorgeous blonde at DQ in mall 3-28 afternoon - m4w (Mall)

With eyes like yours, u should totally be modeling though it might be the photographer in me that noticed and if you see this and tell me the color top you were wearing maybe I could interest you into a photo shoot....I have a page to share my work so you'll know I'm not just some random guy......I think you saw me as well, as I was putting my trash away......did you? Feel free to drop a line, but make sure you tell me the color you were wearing. : )


Lonely - w4m (Bangor/Hermon)

I've always wanted to be a missed connection. I check here, from time to time. I'm sweet, I love working customer service, and I'm probably the best you've had. (Other than the fact I'm so shy, that is. I could never be a waitress.)

But no one flirts with me. I'm not unattractive. I'm heavy, but I'm not round or anything. I wouldn't say I'm gorgeous, but I'm fairly pretty. When you try to talk to me, I'm shy, but otherwise I appear confident. Maybe you know who I am.

I wear black glasses, usually a pony tail. You'll see me work with kids, or fix computers, or clean tables. That's all I can say, or I'll give it away.

Tell me my hair colour and where I work. I'll tell you if you're right. If you're one of my coworkers, please ignore this, seriously. That's just weird, don't mess with me.

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