Yesterday's fire on Lang Hill Road in Palmyra has left a mother with 3 young children without clothes and other basic necessities.  Can you help them out?

The fire which was highly publicized because of the fine work of local fire fighters that saved both the family dog and the structure, happened during the mid-morning hours this past Thursday.  Unfortunately, the house is not currently inhabitable and many of life's necessities were lost in the fire.

Kate Marie Hanscom and her three children lost clothes, toys, and of course many other things.  The family and their dog, Ralph, now have a safe place to stay, but would certainly appreciate the help of others.

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In the comments left behind on Ms. Hanscom's Facebook post below, she mentions how she has only "one change of clothes in her work bag."  Ms. Hanscom's Facebook page lists her as a line cook at Pizza Hut.

As you can imagine, this must be a horrible situation to be in at the moment, and any help from the community would be a big help.  Ms. Hanscom lists the children's sizes in the text from her Facebook post below.  You may get in touch with her via Facebook or Messenger if you're willing to lend a helping hand to this family in need.

"Haven't started a go fund me or anything but everything is smoke damaged, if anyone has any size 14 boys clothes shoe size 9 in men, for Gavin, size 12/14 in girls and size 4 in girls shoes for emellia, and size 8 and size 2 in little girls for Lana. I'm a medium in shirts a 5 in pants and a 7 and a half/8 in shoes. More worried about the kids though I had an extra set of clothes in my work bag."


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