Despite Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx's claim that the band would never be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the group that inspired Netflix's The Dirt have assumed the No. 1 position in the institution's in-museum "Voice Your Choice" poll. In fact, the Crue just overtook Blink-182 for the top spot in the kiosk-driven vote where fans choose artists they feel are most deserving of inclusion, reported Tuesday (May 14).

It's the first time this year that a contender has usurped Blink's place in the unbinding poll. Other yet-to-be-nominated acts elected by listeners include Iron Maiden, Dave Matthews Band and Weezer. See the full list below.

Earlier this year, Sixx warned that Motley Crue were all but ineligible for the Rock Hall due to their previous behavior. "We don't have any plans because we were told by the Hall of Fame that we would never get in, because of how we've acted," he recalled to Kerrang shortly after drummer Tommy Lee baited their unlikely addition.

Perhaps the fan vote will sway the minds of the nominating committee. After all, Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks earned a solo nomination (and subsequent induction) after leading last year's "Voice Your Choice."

The Rock Hall's dearth of glam bands has been somewhat assuaged of late. Two '80s flag-bearers — Bon Jovi and Def Leppard – were both inducted in recent years. That said, "Vote Your Choice" shouldn't be confused with the annual online vote that lets Rock Hall fans pick their favorite bands once nominations have been announced, with the tally being tabulated as an official ballot for the Rock Hall.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame "Voice Your Choice" Poll Results - May 14, 2019

1. Motley Crue
2. Blink-182
3. Iron Maiden
4. Dave Matthews Band
5. Weezer
6. Freddie Mercury (solo)
7. Cher
8. Phil Collins (solo)
9. Rage Against the Machine
10. Boston

Motley Crue Albums Ranked

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