Is this really all that we have to do? Yup, guess so.

According to well, rumor, NASA said that yesterday, the ONE day of the year, that the earth was at a perfect tilt for you to balance a broom well enough to stand on its own.

We couldn't confirm that.

The rumor sweeping social media goes on to explain that yesterday the planet's gravitational pull or the vernal equinox, which doesn't even happen until late March, also had something to do with standing a broom up on its own.

We couldn't confirm that as well.

But, what we can confirm is that salesperson Katie here at the radio station had enough will and patience to get her kitchen broom to stand up straight on its own, as shown by the photo above.

We commend Katie for her diligence in pulling off this safe (thank God) and perfectly harmless internet sensation.

Tomorrow, we'll explain tipping cows.

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