Humane Societies across the nation are always looking for creative ways to raise money for the supplies they need to care for animals.

While there are a number of really great local fundraising campaigns for these shelters, sometimes folks on a national level like to lend a helping hand.

One such individual, who has made it his life's work to help honor a shelter dog named Jordan, who became his best friend, is a man by the name of Kris Rotonda. Rotonda started a charity called Jordan's Way, and tours the nation helping organizations like the Somerset Humane Society, raise the money they desperately need to provide for the animals they take in.

Jordan's Way Live National Tour, Somerset Humane Society Facebook
Jordan's Way Live National Tour, Somerset Humane Society Facebook

"We are SO EXCITED to announce that Jordan's Way will be here for a (3) hour LIVE fundraiser as part of their NATIONAL Tour!

The LIVE FUNDRAISER is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, JULY 5th from 6 PM-9 PM! Please INVITE, TAG, and SHARE this to everyone you know to help them reach their goal!"
Rotonda will broadcast live, online, for the 3 hours, doing a number of different things, not the least of which involves introducing some of the shelter animals to the audience.
The goal Rotonda has set for the Somerset Humane Society is $15,000. To date, his organization has raised over $5.2 Million for shelters around the nation.

"Jordan’s Way is dedicated to sharing meaningful animal welfare stories that inspire people to adopt. Our efforts are publicized on social media to influence the Clearing of Shelters. Through our community outreach and advocacy, we create a buzz around shelters that builds a compassionate community of pet parents willing to provide a permanent home. Any donation made goes directly to funding our next shelter visit or to shelters in need."

In 2021, Jordan's Way raised money for the Humane Society Waterville Area, through a combination of silly and ridiculous challenges, streamed live on Facebook,"

Jordan's Way Fundraiser, Facebook via Humane Society Waterville Area
Jordan's Way Fundraiser, Facebook via Humane Society Waterville Area

During one four-hour stint, Rotonda did everything from facilitating pie-in-the-face challenges and egg-cracking challenges to giving folks a tour of every cat and dog at the facility (while spoiling them all with treats and love.)

One particular livestream which had me cracking up this morning, featured a guy volunteering to lay on the floor, have cheese whiz sprayed on his face, and allow puppies to lick it off of him. (Although one particularly hungry pup tried to bite off more than he could chew and left the man with a bit of a bloody nose. But it's all for the dogs and kitties, right?!)


There is no doubt that Rotonda and all the folks who help in these Humane Societies are committed to helping all the animals in their care find forever homes. And they do the best they can to take care of the furry friends who end up in their facility.

If you feel moved, there's a donate button right on the Facebook page.


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