The restaurant business is no joke.

People talk all the time about stressful jobs. But sometimes, I swear even people in the most "stressful" jobs on Earth, wouldn't last a day in the restaurant business. I spent most of my life in the kitchen biz before I got into radio. When I finally got out, I felt like I'd hit the lottery. I still miss the adrenaline rush, but I don't miss the brutality.

Photo by Francisco Suarez on Unsplash
Photo by Francisco Suarez on Unsplash

Owning your own restaurant can be even crazier. But when done right, it can be wildly satisfying. Connecting with the community in a meaningful way with food can be quite fulfilling. There are two restaurants in the Greater Bangor area that fit that bill... Woodman's in Orono, and Moe's Original BBQ in Bangor. Both are staples of their respective communities.

And now the owner of Moe's is purchasing Woodman's.

Likely, you've been to one of these spots and enjoyed yourself at some point. But according to WABI, the owner of Moe's Original BBQ, Dewey Hasbrouk, is taking the reins of Woodman's. But rest assured, Woodman's is not about to become a new Moe's location. In fact, if Hasbrouk has his way, no one will even notice the change.

I grew up in Orono, so I certainly have known and appreciated this place my whole life... We’re certainly good friends with the owners, and we have always loved the employees here, so we’re going to try and continue what they’ve built over the last 18 years.

There are no plans to change anything about Woodman's. The new owners intend to keep the staff, the menu, the drinks, everything. Hasbrouk hopes to perhaps increase pub sales over time, but has no intentions on fixing what clearly isn't broken after Woodman's super successful 18-year run. Good luck to all involved!

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