Well here we are...another Easter Sunday here and gone. Now the all American question is what to do with all the pretty leftover hard boiled eggs? Enter National Egg salad week. You know I can't make this stuff up.

One of the trickier parts of Holiday leftovers is how to make them into something a little healthier and low calorie so a week of it doesn't add 5 lbs to your middle.

Deviled Eggs for example from SparkPeople uses Greek yogurt as a substitute for the usual mayonnaise, making them a lighter version of the side dish. The dye from the shells will stain the egg whites a little, making post-Easter deviled eggs prettier than their less festive counterparts.

Traditional Egg Salad is always a good choice . Try adding a little spicy brown mustard to give it some zip. If you’re not an egg salad person, you can also use leftover hard boiled Easter eggs by adding them to a tuna or chicken salad

Last, Keep the Shells. Once you’ve used up the eggs, you’re going to be left with quite a few eggshells. Shells can be used in a variety of ways around the house and are especially good for gardening. Crushing up the shells and putting them in the garden can deter pests like slugs and snails. They are also a great addition to compost.

What ever you do I'm sure it will be eggcellent!

Did an on air chime in on this one and got the ideas of planing a few chef's salads which I love.  And another listener who though of pickling some, brilliant! Here are some Pickling Recipes

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