This was going to be their second location, but the building in Bar Harbor that housed Black Fly Coffee Co. was sold and the new owners did not renew the lease.

So, this will be the new location, as they relocate to 107 Main Road in Holden. Just past the Irving gas station.

Courtesy Dave Higgins
Courtesy Dave Higgins


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But this might also not be the only location of Black Fly Coffee in the future.

The owners are already talking about growing their business. They are proud Mainers who are living the ‘buy local’ mantra with a deep sense of community.

The coffee comes from Carrabassett Coffee, doughnuts from Gosselin's Bakery, honey and maple syrup form Karter Farms, as well as muffins, grab-n-go snacks, & assorted bottled beverages all as local as they can be.

Expected opening will be early to mid July. They have already hired local people with backgrounds from other coffee shops to be Baristas for Black Fly.

And the location will be a Drive Through only, with no inside seating. However the discussion has already come up about having outside seating somewhere on the property.

The Maine Department of Transportation made sure that the drive way into the place has room for 12 cars so as not to impede traffic on Main Road – 1A.

There will also be a door that will lead to a counter where those who have pre-ordered will be able to pick up orders without having to use the drive through.

And since the name of the game is coffee, the hours of operation are expected to be 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Courtesy Dave Higgins
Courtesy Dave Higgins

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