"You might not ever get rich

But let me tell ya it's better than diggin' a ditch.

Working at the car wash."

Earlier this month, the City of Bangor Planning Board approved the development of an approximate 5,200-square-foot single-story tunnel-style car wash.

Here is where you'll find the new car wash:


And the name of the car wash?

Dustin Moyer
Dustin Moyer

It's Shammy’s Car Wash.

If you are someone who watches new buildings and businesses pop up around Bangor, and thinks, "That's an interesting idea," did you ever in your mind picture a car wash right there just past Slipping Gears at the entry off Stillwater Avenue into the Bangor Mall?

Who would have thought it?

But it’s reality.

A new car wash coming soon. With the entrance to the car wash on Stillwater Avenue. But don’t worry, there is not supposed to be a backup of traffic entering the carwash off of Stillwater Avenue. Precautions have been included so that does not occur.

Not sure what if anything I pictured in that prime Bangor location.

Maybe somewhere along the Bangor Mall Blvd, you picture an auto body shop so when you drive that loop, aka Pothole Alley, you are close to a repair shop.

Who among us doesn’t have a filthy car this winter with all the changes we have had with our weather on an almost daily basis.  So, welcome to Bangor, Shammy’s Car Wash.

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