An experienced Bangor-area dog trainer will be opening a training facility soon after the owner purchased a unique property on Outer Broadway in Glenburn.

Where Is the House Located?

You may recognize this house from an article I wrote in May when it was for sale. At the time, I said that it could be either an amazing house or a lucrative business location. Well, new owner Hallie Tyler is looking at the commercial side of the building and plans to open The Canine Coach Academy. I suggested, in the article, that it would be a great building for a daycare, but never imagined it as a facility for dogs. So I was thrilled when Lindsae Fish of the Young-Fish Team at NextHome Experience reached out and let us know about the sale and the awesome business that would be setting up shop in this beautiful building. She said that after 187 days on the market, the Glenburn property had found a new owner.

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What Is the Canine Coach Academy?

The Canine Coach Academy will offer training sessions in small numbers, to help owners and their dogs become more in sync. Hallie has a lot of experience, working for 20 years building her Canine Camp doggy daycare. If you live in the Bangor area, you probably saw her doggy bus driving around, picking up her charges. Through that business, she also did a lot of fostering and rehabilitating rescue dogs, and fell in love with training. She finally decided that what she really wanted to do was open a training facility for smaller groups of dogs and their owners, so she sold the business and set her sights on something new.

My passion is to educate people on how they can have a better relationship with their dog through leadership and love.

The Canine Coach Academy will feature training sessions with just five dogs at a time. In addition, Hallie will offer private training sessions, as well as board and train options.

When Will It Be Open?

Tyler says she's very excited about the endeavor and is hoping to have the renovations completed so she can open sometime in March.

My dog, Toby, and I wish her every success.

Take a Look at the Gallery of Photos from the Original Listing on This Property.

Home or Business - This Glenburn House Can Be Either - or Both!

3 bedrooms and 5 garage bays make this spacious property in a residential/business district of Glenburn perfect for an elegant home or a successful business.

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