As a kid I was such a huge fan of 'Lost in Space'  I never missed a week without the Robinson's.  So how thrilled was I to see that Netflix is giving the Jupiter two a reboot.

The trailer is very intriguing you hear the robot but you don't see Don getting on the Jupiter Two with the family.  According to Variety there will be 10 episodes to start set only thirty years in our future. The premise being that they are setting out to find a new planet to call home when thing go of course. And although you don't see them here in the trailer have no fear both Don West and Dr. Smith will be on the voyage's misadventures. One of the new twists being that Dr Smith is a woman played by Hunger Games, Parker Posey. Hmmm.

Another most likely change is that this series will not be as campy as the original but we'll have to wait until April 13th to find out for sure.

Take a trip down memory lane?

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