A new viral video making the rounds shows a cougar in Wisconsin banging on a homeowner's window, and even though they've been declared extinct here in Maine, one has got to wonder.....

That Wisconsin cougar does indeed hit that window with some force, so it must have seen something like a domestic house cat or bird inside.  Pretty scary stuff!

Meanwhile here in Maine, almost 1300 miles away, earlier this year the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service declared that Eastern pumas, also called catamounts, cougars and mountain lions, extinct.

Tell that to Doug Jencks, of Washburn, who recently told WMTW ABC 8 in Portland that, "they're around."  Jencks took a photo of a cat with a long tail lurking in the night!

According the the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's website, "here are no known cougar populations in Maine at this time, however they were here as a native animal up until the late 1800s."

"I know they're here. I know what I've seen," Jencks told WMTW.


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