Ok, to be fair, this person complained about a lot more than the dark.

When you move to a new state, you likely expect a few things to be different. Heck, the amount of culture shock I felt moving away from home the first time took some time to get over and adjust to. But this person who recently moved to Bath from California seems a bit confused as to our way of life.

Robert Daly
Robert Daly

I was cruising Reddit a while back and remembered this person going on and on about how dark it is. Specifically, that there weren't enough street lights. She seems to feel unsafe, and even says pedestrians have to cross the street "at their own risk". Do they have crossing guards for adults in California I don't know about?

Then, of course, it begins to gently spiral out from there.

Then the conversation moves onto potholes, and how things close early, all that kind of stuff. That prompted some commenters to gripe about how out-of-staters move here and immediately try to make it more like where they came from. Then some others, who are also transplants from elsewhere, chime in to tell us we are, in fact, a little crazy up here.


Apparently, in other states, streets are crazily over-lit. In Maine, we like to see the stars at night, so sure... we probably have a lot fewer street lights than somewhere in Cali. But we can see the night sky and actually enjoy it. Then she moves on to be worried about rabid foxes. My oh my...

Look, I get it. It's awkward moving someplace new when you don't know the routine. But don't seek comfort about things you don't like about your new home, from people that have lived here our whole lives. There's a good chance that there's a reason some things are the way they are. Just brace yourself, and enjoy the real Maine. Not the postcard version.

Not everybody is cut out for real Maine livin'...

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