My very first dog was a standard collie named Mr. Prince.  Mr. Prince was a love and one of the smartest dogs I have ever known. One other thing about him was that he was terrified of thunder and lightning and especially fireworks.  I spent a lot of my time around holidays and bad storms holding him while he quaked in his fur and cried. So you can now see why I can feel the pain of any pet owner who's beloved pet is bothered by fireworks.

Now imagine my glee to see that many places especially in Europe are turning to silent fireworks to be kinder to pets, wildlife, elders and children. In fact the New York Times reported of a town in Italy that passed a law forbidding the louder version.

I was reading about a town in Connecticut where they were trying to put a stop to fireworks on the fourth because they had eaglets they though would fall from the nest because of the commotion.

I will add to this that one of the most stirring and beautiful Fourth of July fireworks I ever witnesses was over the Charles River choreographed to the Boston Pops playing.  So why not keep fireworks silent and put them to music.  I have to tell you it is amazing.

For right now they say that these are only good for smaller displays but if they grow more popular they might be able to do something about that.  And to the up side beyond the peace for animals it appears the colors are brighter on the silent fireworks too.  The video above is done in such a way for a wedding celebration.  Check it out and see if you don't see the possibilities for joy  for us and peace for dogs like Mr. Prince.


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